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4 Reasons Why You’ve Got To Incorporate Gratitude In Your Life

Santi Education | Studies show that merely 8 weeks of mindful gratitude practices can rewire your brain patterns and turn you into a more empathetic human being.
Practicing gratitude in a more frequent way in your life not only can improve the person on the receiving end but it can improve your life too. It's a win-win! What are you waiting for?

There’s so much to be thankful for in life yet practicing gratitude’s rarely seems like everyone's forte nowadays. Studies show that merely 8 weeks of mindful gratitude practices can rewire your brain patterns and turn you into a more empathetic human being. The silver lining here is that; this isn’t the only benefit of practicing gratitude. Gratitude and a lifestyle enriched with mindfulness go hand in hand. So, if you’re planning to adopt mindfulness as a lifestyle change; being more grateful is only part of the process. Let’s take a look at some of the most rewarding aspects of practicing gratitude and the ways you can make that possible!

Reconnecting Old Bonds

Santi Education | Reconnecting old ties is just one of the ways we can improve our practice of gratitude in life. In addition, gratitude can help couples going through a "rough patch" by acknowledging what each one do for the other.
Gratitude can help couples going through a "rough patch."

Friends or Family members that have long been estranged can benefit the most from this recent improvement. Once you show your gratitude for their presence; it makes them feel like they're getting more acknowledgment. This two-way flow of love and affection only strengthens your bond by binding you for better and worse. Various researches also guarantee that couples going through a rough patch show great improvement if each significant other's efforts are acknowledged.

A Positive Outlook On Every Phase

People that practice gratitude on a regular basis view life as a trajectory with new experiences. Their outlook on the future is much more ambitious and positive. Of course, they're not cookie-cutter examples of an extremely lively person; but they seem to be much more passionate about the experiences that await them. Additionally, they’re less likely to sulk over the past and present.

The Assurance Of Mental Peace

Gratitude cannot suddenly take over your lifestyle; it slowly enriches your soul and can take some time. Once you’ve actually overcome everything that stands in the way of you and being thankful for everything you have; you can finally attain mental peace. If you’re thankful for the people, things, privileges that surround you, you’re obviously going to be more assured and less worrisome. You’ll start viewing the challenges in life and hard patches as new experiences for personal growth.

Prolonged Phases Of Happiness

Santi Education | By practicing gratefulness more often we can boost mood regulators in the brain such as neurotransmitters increasing our phases of happiness.
Studies shows that grateful people tend to be happier.

It might seem like a stretch to most but our brain activity gets highly affected by the way we practice gratitude. For the sake of our happiness as humans, we're highly dependent on neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Various researches conducted on the relationship between gratitude and brain activity show that more grateful people tend to be happier. These general acts of kindness and gratefulness in our everyday life lead to an increase in the production of these mood and pleasure regulators. Consequently, you’re able to deflect on the negatives in life and by becoming much happier. Although self-help measures like these can be mildly helpful when anxiety and depression are involved; they're not as effective as the help of mental health professionals.

Final Words

If you’re showing your gratitude through practical or monetary means there’s one thing you need to remember. It should always be a selfless act free from the expectation of a reward. Incorporating more and more gratitude into your life ensures your personal growth and mental peace. So, the biggest takeaway here is to stay more mindful of the way you act around people. Only when you start taking the people around you and your behavior under consideration you can become a better person! I wish you Happy Thanksgiving to all filled of gratefulness! Stay tuned, very soon I will be sharing with you a few of my favorite techniques to incorporate gratitude into your life.

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