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Shormila Shormi
Aug 02, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
The world is changing fast. In recent years, Internet celebrities, live broadcasts, artificial intelligence, VR, hard technology, new retail, membership e-commerce, etc., too many new concepts and too many new things have flooded us one after another like a tide Ordinary people, we are often unavoidable. And new retail, one of the leaders, has taken advantage of the surging acceptance and interpretation capabilities of e-commerce giants, and is phone number list besieging offline business formats everywhere. From Alibaba to Tencent, from to Suning, new retail has rapidly spread into a destructive force. Subversive forces profoundly affect our lives. Not a new concept, "new retail" challenges are as big as opportunities Of course, although Jack Ma first proposed the concept of new retail at the 2016 Yunqi Conference, to a certain extent, new retail is not a new concept. In fact, in the past five years before this concept was proposed, from omni-channel operation, online and offline integration to the digital economy, all of them were slowly iterating and approaching in this direction. It should be said that "new retail" is more of an inevitable objective trend than a brand new concept.
Disruption and Disruption: One Concept and Four Trends in New Retail
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Shormila Shormi

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